cerebral brew

Gut bugs during summer’s advent? Well yeah. Relieved that I saw the doctor though, I feel so much better. Hashtag : anxiety due to health paranoia.

New eyes

Will blog tomorrow. Good things…great things.

Healthy eating starts today.

Currently having my ginger tea with (I’m sorry but I need to count) 2 oatmeal crisps. This is considerably a better choice compared to what I would usually go for on a summer afternoon (basically soda and a medium bag of chips).

The oatmeal crisp is locally made so I trust that no preservatives in excess were used and having just 2 instead of a dozen is a big check for portion control.

For lunch I had 2 slices of pan fried milk fish, a small bowl of stewed alugbati (I don’t know the English equivalent, but they are dark leafy greens…lotsa chlorophyll, fiber and vitamin K there) with tomatoes (lycopene and vitamin C), garlic (antibiotic and anti blood coagulation properties) and anchovies (protein, omega fatty acids & calcium) and half a cup of white rice…sounds balance enough I hope.

I skipped brekky today. I woke up really late due to insmonia secondary to Malaysian strong coffee at 5pm yesterday from the hubby. I will try to sleep earlier tonight aaand have a light meal packed with insoluble fiber and potassium maybe? I need all the drive in the world!


We are getting there…

Dear body, let’s have this streamline again shall we?


We are getting there…

Dear body, let’s have this streamline again shall we?

Do or Don’t

Yes. The diarist is definitely back, this time chronicling from the warm and sunny confines of the tropics. Again, I am back for some therapy. Venting is such a breath of relief, therefore I shall (old English tone) vent.

I’ve been acting/living like a sloth, believe it or not. Inactivity and stuffing my face has been the cycle since I ended my nursing gig over a year ago. This gross cycle heightened weeks before we went to Canada. Now, physical changes have become evident. The weighing scale constantly reminds me to cut down on carbs and move my flabby ass and yet I keep on putting it off. Stuff like hyperacidity, dizziness, lack of endurance, immune system has been crazy and indigestion have been making me uncomfortable already, not to mention paranoia (being a hypochondriac lately)… and sooo I resolve to eat wisely and healthier, move my chubby arse and load up on vitamins and try not to stress over trivial things. Although these are all easier blogged than done, I deem that now is the right time to straighten things out while ze body is still young.

Yeah yeah, sounds a bit preachy and new-year’s-resolution-ish but man, I need to take care of ze temple :)

It’s not what you find, It’s what you bring

"The zen you find, is the zen you bring". I did not really understand what the old Asian proverb meant until I crossed hemispheres and time differences. I was wired in thinking that the only way to feel fulfilled is when you work your ass off in a foreign land, maybe part of the reason why the universe is constantly telling me that I am far to blessed to think so, that I was given everything I needed to live a wonderful life and that we are not defined by our paychecks and the money we rake in. I have known this long ago, but then I forgot. I was lured into the world blinded by the typical Filipino dream to go abroad earn triple than what I could in a month in my warm homeland… and so I arrive at the helm of the first world and life here is so easy, everything is easier to procure and achieve but then, something not of your birth-right comes with a price and a higher one at that. You are a thousand of miles away from your family and the weather that was at first amazing has become impersonal and apathetic, people that tries their hardest to put a huge road block between you and your dreams out of greed and malice and it’s sad that your own kababayan does that, and that elephant in the room that glares at you telling you that you have to try…hard to belong, to be worthy… but then, there are little patches of sunlight along the way, people that makes you feel right at home, giving you encouragement and genuine help, no matter the hopelessness, God still sends you roses in the wasteland and it struck me, that I have been searching for a better life, a happy one…not knowing that I already have that. Back home, I never in my entire life found that I lacked, I was given everything that I needed and wanted considering that non of my parents worked abroad. I am truly blessed and that worry about a future that is already bright is robbing me of my present, the things that I should be grateful for. Now, I understand, I do not lack anything, I have everything I need. That when that front door opens, I’ll bring in all the great stuff that I have.

I saw that “look” once… once upon a usual Friday night. I saw it once. Just once.

I saw that “look” once… once upon a usual Friday night. I saw it once. Just once.


It’s almost 1 in the afternoon here in Whitehorse and we just run out of coffee. Oh the tragedy…


You… yes, you.

You were not built for the wear and tear.

You’re not a demi-god after all…

and me, yes me…

I’ve been meaning to tell you that…. me…

no, I… yes I…

am not so crazy about you anymore…


Lonesome… you bit off a chunk you couldn’t chew, a toothsome. Now you’re alone, do you even know what to do? Crude-some.